Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Week of Firsts

It's official. Haley is a student. She started kindergarten last week, and the event brought a range of emotions into our home, especially with her mother. I leave her to share that if she chooses. Anyway, she was so excited, but then I think the stress caught up to her on the first day. She was so anxious, she wouldn't even give us a real Haley smile for the pictures. Cameron gave us a real smile, which was pretty monumental in and of itself that early in the morning. Anyway, here are some pics... Best we can do of the new student for the official "backpack on and posing on the front porch" picture. Just a minute before she's grinning the biggest grin and practically bouncing. As soon as the camera comes out she looks like she is trying to fake a smile after losing her favorite pet. Now, Cameron, on the other hand, is totally genuine. I'm not sure if this is because he's glad to be out of the boredom of our house for the bulk of the day, or if it's because he had no less than four girls call him up that week saying they couldn't wait to see him and give him the biggest hugs. Every guy reading this is nodding their heads to that second option. Kelsee tries to get a smile again from the anxiety riddled five year old. Really, Haley. You can do better than that. Fine. We give up. Anyway, school seems to be going well for both our students. My class starts this week. Wonder if Kelsee will take a picture of me on my first day, or do we not do that with teachers? ----- Another first... On Monday, as I was waiting for my carpool while Kelsee was helping Haley get ready for school, I hear a shreik from the munchkin's room. I dart into the room to see her mother practically bouncing on the bed and Haley beaming. Seems Haley wanted Kelsee to feel how sharp Haley's teeth were (why, I have no idea). When Kelsee felt one of the lower front teeth, it really wiggled. Sure enough. Haley's first loose tooth, and it is REALLY loose. Kelsee is spending the day making a tooth fairy pillow. I never got one of those. I feel robbed. ----- This morning Haley decided to play family photographer for the first time. This series is entitled "Morning in the House..." Me, waiting on my carpool... Cameron, refusing to look at the camera. However, this shows just how heavy his backpack is. Man, I don't miss school... Now, right here should be a picture of Kelsee standing in the bathroom blowing her hair dry making a funny face. However, I've learned a valuable lesson in my short 13+ years of marriage. Don't post pictures of the wife without prior written approval. (Must be written, mind you, or you open up a Pandora's Box...) If I receive the necessary legal documentation, I'll post it. Otherwise, just use your imagination.

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Janice Purdy said...

Loved the school pictures! Both kids have great hair, don't me, which the obviously didn't get from Grandma Dee!