Friday, December 19, 2008

Can't Tease Haley...

On Wednesday night, we went caroling with our ward youth. As we drove from one house the next, Kelsee and Haley were reliving last year's caroling--Haley and JT, one of our older young men slipped down a muddy hill and had to spend the rest of the caroling covered in mud. (As an aside, Haley's always kind of had a little crush on JT. We tease her from time to time about it.) Anyway, when the talk on Wednesday turned to JT, Cameron leaned over and started teasing Haley: Cameron, in a sing-song voice: Haley and J.T, sitting in a tree... Haley, without missing a beat: One fell off and bumped his knee! Kind of took the wind out of Cameron's sails, it did. Later that evening, after we finished at one widow's apartment, we were climbing back into the van. A dog in a neighboring apartment was going nuts, barking and howling non-stop. Haley shook her head and said: "That dog is throwing quite the fit." Gotta love that kid.

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