Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Plethora of Haley-isms

Kelsee and Haley were talking the other day about a little Preschool friend of Haley's. The little boy was deaf. Haley looked at Kelsee and with an expression that said she just "got it", she said: "Hey, he's just like Daddy!" --------- As most of you know, Haley is quite the linguist. A new word has crept into her vocabulary, and this morning made an appearances. When talking about the snow that fell last night and the possible rise in temperature, she lamented: "It will melt all that glorious snow!" --------- We have a rule in our house. Each person is entitled to one food that they don't have to eat, no matter how often it is cooked for dinner. Everything else they have to eat. Mine is brussel sprouts and beets (I get a bonus; I'm the dad), Cameron's is green beans, and Haley's is peas. (Kelsee is willing to try most everything, so she doesn't have anything on the list.) Anyway, the other day, we had peas and cream corn as side dishes for dinner. Haley thought the cream corn looked gross and didn't want to eat it. We gave her the option: cream corn or peas. She said peas. She put on her bravest face and put a bite in her mouth. After chewing for a while, her face lit up. She looked at Kelsee and said: "These peas make mashed potatoes in my mouth!" --------- Haley's Grandma Dee got a baby chihuahua looking dog recently. Haley has become completely enamored with the dog. During a recent visit, she noticed that the dog (named Bridgette Rae) seemed to pee often, as young puppies often do. So she went out to my mother, and with concern on her face, said: "Bridgette Rae is peeing all the time. I think she has a bladder infection." Now Haley is no stranger to bladder infections, having experienced them a few times herself, so she would know. (Speaking of which, if you want to send that girl into giggling fits, ask her about peeing in a cup.)


AimeeTheSuperMom said...

I LOVE that kid. LOVE her!!!! So glad she understands about being Deaf. That'll make it easier when she starts dating the Beast a decade from now.

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