Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Love Me Tender...

I have Haley-isms! I do. Just bear with me while I get there... You know, you haven't lived unless you've seen and heard an Elvis impersonator live. I'm not kidding. Actually, you haven't lived until you watch your seven-year-old music nut of a daughter watching an Elvis impersonator live. My stepdad, TC, used to be an Elvis impersonator, back in the day. He's still a HUGE Elvis fan. I've heard some recordings of him singing Elvis, and it was pretty impressive. Anyway, his 70th birthday bash was last weekend. It was a surprise party, but the biggest surprise came just after the meal. His kids planted him in a chair in front of the whole group, turned down the lights, turned on some disco strobe and out comes Elvis!!! He lives!!! Actually, Mom said it was an in-law of TC's or something (I met a lot of folks that day; it's hard to remember who belongs to whom). I have to admit, I found myself smiling. A lot. It was funnier than... well, it was funny. However, Haley's reaction was the best. She was leaning forward, her elbow on the table, her chin resting on her hand, with a huge grin and wide eyes as she watched it unfold. At one point she leaned over and asked: "Do you think Papaw knows that's not the real Elvis? We should tell Papaw that it IS the real Elvis." Her expression was priceless. Unfortunately, the room was dark and I have no flash on my camera phone, so I couldn't capture Haley. However, here are a few pictures. The brightened circle-looking spot is highlighting my stepdad. Good times. ---------- Speaking of my camera phone, when I'm uploading pictures from that device to my computer, I often come across a random series of pictures, like below. Wonder how those got there... ---------- Haley-ism time... So, we visited Bowling Green and Mammoth Cave National Park a couple of weekends ago. As we were driving the curvy roads through the park towards the visitors center, we hear the curly-headed wonder pipe up from the backseat. "This road is soooo curvy, I'm getting sick. I think I'm going to hurdle." Dang, I love that kid.

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