Friday, November 30, 2007

Just Because

Another week has come and (almost) gone. Sometimes I just feel like I'm passing time just to pass time. I know that the ultimate purpose of life is to live and learn and get back to heaven, but it seems like sometimes I just move along the path of life with no other objective. Kind of boring, huh? Moving on... So a sister that Kelsee and I home and visit teach passed away on Wednesday. She also happens to be the mother of some good friends, and grandmother of some of our youth. Sad, but the family seems to be at peace with everything, which is nice. And her husband, parents, some grandchildren and all but one of siblings preceeded her in death, so I'm sure it was a joyous reunion on the other side. -------- The joy of having a high deductible insurance plan is that you get another day of celebration during the year--the day you meet the deductible. Well, we did it recently and now we're scrambling to schedule doctor's appointments left and right. (The bummer here is you start making a mental list of all the ailments you have, and that can be pretty depressing.) We had scheduled a neuropsyche eval for Haley, but it had been postponed until January. We were bummed because they are fairly expensive. However, after talking with the Doc, we were able to get it rescheduled back to this month. Definitely a blessing. Of course, we'll probably meet our deductible next year, anyway, but whatever. -------- Two home MSU basketball games, and I've not been to either. Another of the many impacts of increased gas prices is that I actually have to think twice before I hop in the car and head to a game (30 miles away). Can't blame the 2nd abscence on anything but stupidity. I had, ahem, traffic school that night. Or as Haley and Kelsee so eloquently put it, Naughty School. As I got ready to leave, Haley wagged her finger at me as she chastized me for driving too fast. She told me I better never do it again. -------- I'll leave on a humorous note, from the star of Man in the Box.

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