Monday, November 19, 2007

Master Negotiator-in-Training

Haley loves to get her way (what preschooler doesn't?). Recently she's devised a new strategy for trying to get her way (other than the "Please mama? Please! Oh-please-oh-please-oh-please" tactic or the "I-really-really-really-really-really-really-really-really want you to do XYZ" tactic). The other day I was babysitting Haleigh (1). She was napping. Haley (5) wanted to wake her up to play. We go through the "please-can-I-wake-her-up-noooooooow" routine many times each day. When she asked to wake her up, I wasn't surprised. When she didn't throw a tantrum over my "no", I was surprised. Before I could respond happily about her self-control she hopped up on a chair beside me, clapped her hands and the following conversation ensued: Haley: "Ok, mama, here's the deal. I'll give you two dollars from my piggy bank if you'll let me wake her up". Mama: "No" (trying not to laugh). Haley, hopefully: "Okay, three dollars?!" Mama: "No." Haley, more desperate: "Four dollars?" Mama: "No, Haley!" Haley, truly desperate now: "16 million dollars? I reeeeeeeally want to wake her up." Mama: "Nope! Good try though!" Tantrum. Oh well. At least she's getting creative in her old age!


lackrik said...

that is hilarious!!!

Kris and Kally said...

Hey...I am just proud she understood the whole money thing! Thats my girl!