Monday, January 07, 2008

Moving Day (and a bonus Haley story)

From a office with an window to a cube. Our company continues to grow, and our space can hardly contain us. So they took an old file room in the middle of our office suite and crammed six cubicles in there. Guess who gets the cubes? The IT and Development teams! Before, we were in offices on the perimeter of the suite, with great window views of the pond outside. Now the view consists of beige cubicle walls. But it's really not as bad as it seems, for me at least. 1. I shared my other office with one and a half other people. (Ever seen half of a person? Pretty gruesome.) We were separated with cubicle walls. 2. The position of my computer that made the most sense put my back to the window and the afternoon sun made it impossible to see my screen. I used to have my blinds open in the morning and closed in the afternoon. I got lazy and quit opening them in the morning. 3. My old office had a key pad you had to punch a code into to get in. While this was good for keeping the undesirables out, it was a pain in the butt. You had to punch in every time you wanted to get in. The sound was annoying on days when folks kept coming and going. The door was finicky and if you didn't close it just right the flashing silent alarm would go off and you'd have go up front and disarm it. But hey, at least my stuff was secure from all the hoodlums here. 4. In my new cubicle, my back is toward the entry, so people can sneak up on me and scare me, which should definitely add to the excitement of the day. 5. Since our office was locked to the unprivileged, I had to do garbage duty once a week. That also meant that our office never got vacuumed. You should have seen it. ------- On another note, a Haley story. Last night before we went to bed we were working with Haley on her letters as part of her "schooling." We have these big plastic letters. Kelsee would hold them up and ask Haley what letter it was and what sound it made. Occasionally, I would ask Haley for a word that starts with that letter. (This was probably in an attempt to not be left out.) Anyway, we got to V. When I asked her for a word that started with V, she shrugged her shoulders. I tried to give her a hint. "What did we drive to church today?" We drive a van, by the way. She thought for a minute, and finally said: "Vvvvvvv-ehicle." Only Haley.

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