Thursday, January 24, 2008

Random Thoughts...

So earlier this week I created an exceptionally creative and humorous post about who I was writing this blog for. Unfortunately, I lost the post through some irritating and stupid action on the part of me and my web browser. I'd worked on it, crafting a work of art, and in the blink of an eye it was gone. Needless to say, I couldn't summon the creative aptitude to create another post. The only reason I'm here posting this at this point is that my brain has accumulated an assortment of random thoughts that I need to get up here.
  • Seems as though schools get cancelled for a lot less crappy weather now than they did when I was in school, or even a few years ago. Someone spits on the road and it gets too cold, they call off school. My theory has always been financial--we're a lawsuit happy society. Bus drives in difficult conditions, bus wrecks, kid gets hurt, parents sue. My friend Kirk adds another wrinkle to the finacial theory--it gets too cold, district must heat the schools, which ain't cheap. Since schools can't afford to provide all the services and programs to students anyway, they call off school instead of paying to heat the schools. Sounds good.
  • I'm feeling old. Twice this last week, Kelsee has assisted me in the this endeavor. 1) While watching a Morehead State basketball game last week, our little group was talking about the crowd favorite, a freshman named Ken Faried. Someone noted that he is still just 17, to which Kelsee replied, "Jason, he's half your age." 2) We were watching House Hunters International the other night, and the couple on the show, who were about 40 years old each, commented that they had done things conventionally for the first half of their lives and that they wanted to do things differently the second half. I mentioned that I thought that sounded like a good idea, to which Kelsee replied, "Well, your second half starts in five years." Add in Kelsee's observation of a couple of weeks ago that she thought I was entering a midlife crisis at only 34 and she's being very helpful to my efforts to age ungracefully. Thanks, honey. 'Preciate it.
  • Haley story: So we had a family home evening lesson recently about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Anyway, so we're at home late Sunday afternoon, and I just figured I'd sit down to watch catch a little of the NFL playoffs. Haley, who was messing with barbies in the same room with me, whips her head up and gasps within seconds of me landing on the channel. "Daddy, this is not keeping the Sabbaf day holy!" *Sigh* Chastized again by my 5-year-old. (BTW, this is the same kid who nearly panics when we pick up the sister missionaries and we have our non-church playing on the radio when they come out of their apartment.)
  • So, I'm trying to adjust to life with glasses. I still have good acuity (20/20 or whatever), but I've developed an astigmatism, which basically means my eyeball is an egg and not a sphere. Anway, the biggest irritation isn't getting smudges or water droplets on them. Nor is it knocking them off when I take my sweatshirt off. It's not the weird feeling of looking through pane of glass constantly, either. It's that I keep getting caught staring at people. I never used to wear sunglasses much, but when I did, I could follow people along with my eyes and stare a little longer at the interesting ones. Sunglasses are great, because you can hide behind them. Now my instinct is to stare when I have my regular glasses on and when people see me the glare at me or quickly walk away. I guess this is bringing out my creepy side. Someone's going to punch me someday.

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Melissa said...

LOL, I do the same thing with my sunglasses!!!!
Thats hillarious out observant your daughter is!