Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Post has No Fitting Title

Just read an interesting article: Must really suck. --------- In other news, we tore off the wall and ceiling paneling in our basement. The good news is none of the studs are damaged from a leak in the corner of our basement. Also, the inside has a water barrier. The bad news is the inside has a water barrier, which means we are probably going to have to dig out our back yard and put some drainage in. We also have a leak under our kitchen sink that has come through the basement ceiling. However, I think this will be an easy fix. You know, since I'm a plumber. On that same note, on our visit to Indiana, my mom stated that my dad had absolutely no skill whatsoever when it came to home maintenance and improvement. Therefore, I do not take the blame anymore. It was inherited. ---------- We enjoyed the total lunar eclipse last night, thanks to God smiling down on us. As I listened to an NPR story about it on the way home from work, I lamented the cloudy sky. When I stepped out of basketball just after 10 last night and saw a clear sky, I was giddy. (Yes, men can be giddy, just not in groups.) Anyway, Haley happened to be awake when I got home, and she and Kelsee had been viewing it from the family room window. We got out my binoculars and braved the frigid night to view it a little closer. We could get a nice view of Saturn (though my binocs didn't show the rings) and the star Regulus. It was very nice. Several times last night, Haley just out of the blue started listing off all the planets, unpromted. She got Mercury ("Mercmury"), Earth, Neptune ("It's really cold"), Mars ("It's red") and Venus. With a little help she got Pluto ("Sounds like Playdough, huh?") and Saturn. She didn't remember Uranus or Jupiter. She also shared with us that she wouldn't want to stand on Neptune without her socks on shows because it is too cold. Keep in mind, during preschool two years ago they had a lesson on the planets, and I read a little book to her about the planets once a long time ago. That's it. Just another example of her amazing memory. She'll say "Do you remember...?" and share some obscure memory. We've ceased to question whether it really occured or not.

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Kris and Kally said...

The child is brilliant! What can I say! I raised her well!