Friday, February 29, 2008

I Called It! (plus: Warning! Haley Content)

Aaah, to be loved. This picture was taken during the Easter egg hunt at our church last spring. She had a really hard time that day, for some reason. More Haley content after a brief sports blurb. ---------------- We went to the MSU basketball game yesterday, and let me just say my throat really hurts today. Let me set the stage... We're 3rd in the OVC. A win yesterday guarantees a home playoff game (top four at home). A loss yesterday and tomorrow (which happens to be against #1 Austin Peay) and we could finish as low as 7th. Anyway, we played Tennessee State last, in 7th at the time and victors in our meeting in Nashville a few weeks ago. We come out flat and lifeless and they come out on fire. The ride 68% FG shooting and 84% 3-pt shooting (10-12 from beyond the arc) to a 19 point half time lead. At halftime, as the teams are coming out of the locker room, I look at Kelsee and I say "I feel it. I FEEL it. We're going to pull this out." Her response: "I'm glad you do, but does the team?" Within a minute, the lead is up to 22 points and then It happens. The comeback. By the 9 or 10 minute mark it's in single digits. At the 3 minute mark or so we take the lead and never relinquish it. Final score: 84-76, Morehead. One of the most amazing comebacks I've witnessed in person. And just about the loudest I've heard it in Johnson Arena. Just amazing! And I called it. Sure, some will I was just the overly-optimistic fan trying to psych myself up. But I know the truth. After all, I have been (self-)dubbed "The Great Prognosticator." ------- So music is a pretty big deal in our family, as has been mentioned before here and other places. And Haley already has a clear idea of the music she likes (anything with a good beat, pretty much). I've made her a few CDs to listen to in the car, but we (Kelsee and I) have quickly tired of listening to "Celebration" and "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" and her other music. Anyway, I came up with the idea to do "family CDs". This would contain a combination of songs: one of Haley's, one of Kelsee's, one of mine, one of Haley's and so on and so on. At first, Haley liked the concept, then when her song would end and it was time for Kelsee's, you'd have thunk we'd have plucked her little curls out one by one. She's adjusted, thank goodness, but now a new attitude has arisen. Whenever we're listening to the CD and Kelsee isn't in the car, she gets this little shifty look on her face and says, almost whispering, "Mom's not here. Let's skip her songs." (She does the same thing to my music if I'm not in the car.) It's hilarious. She thinks she's being soooo sneaky. When we get back in the car, she'll taunt us by saying, in a sing-song voice: "We skipped your songs! We skipped your songs!" And then she'll giggle. She's our resident nut. On that note, if you do something that she thinks is silly or weird or crazy, she'll cirle her finger in the air around her ear and point at you. Like she has room to talk. Where do they get this stuff?

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Kris and Kally said...

Oh my goodness! I just read your last three posts and I loved them all! Keep the Haley stories coming! I mean lets be honest, you guys aren't nearly as interesting as Haley Bug!