Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Hey, an entire post of Haley-isms! No inane ramblings about other weird stuff. You know, because I care. Haley got a bruise on her upper arm from some childhood activity. As usual with her various wounds, she became enamored with it, touching and commenting on it all the time. Anyway, we were sitting at the table, and this exchange occurred after Kelsee felt the bruise at Haley's request. Kelsee: Feels a little hard. Jason: Probably just a nice little blood clot under the skin. Haley (looking down in wonder at her arm): Maybe one of the carrots I ate went the wrong direction. ------------------ Anybody who knows Kelsee knows she's an avid reader, and has stacks of unread books at our house. The other day (there's that lovely phrase again!), Kelsee and Haley dropped me off at an appointment in another town, and they had about an hour or so to kill until I was done. They decided to drive over to the store so they could get a snack. Kelsee forgot to bring a book with her, so she was going to pick one up. Haley, matter-of-factly: You need to buy a book because you don't have any books. Kelsee: Yep. Haley, eyes rolling: Right, Mom. You have tons of books at home! Haley uses sarcasm. Who knew? ------------------ Two stories from Mother's Day: I woke Haley up early so we could make Kelsee breakfast in bed, which by the way was Haley's suggestion the night before. It took a little bit of an effort to wake her. She groggily made her way and sat in her chair at the table while I went into the kitchen to get started. I looked over at her a few minutes later and she was just staring at the wall. She then yawned and, rubbing her eyes, said, "I am TOTALLY out of it today." A little bit later, after she had finished her job of toasting and buttering bread, she was eating a piece of leftover pizza from the night before. I had nuked it for a minute or so, and the crust was starting to get hard. She bit into a piece of hard crust and looked down at her pizza quizzically. She reached into her mouth, trying to fish something out. Then she said, in a befuddled voice, "There was something hard in my pizza. What did I just eat--a pizza bone??"


Kris and Kally said...

You gotta love that kid!

Sweetpea said...

She is a crack-up!! LOL!!!