Monday, May 19, 2008

More Haley-isms

Hey, look folks! More Haley-isms are here. You know, since I've discovered she's a lot more entertaining on accident than I am on purpose. The other day (still my favorite phrase), Kelsee, Haley and I were in our bedroom just being lazy. Haley was standing on a chair next to the armoire trying to see if her gum or something was up there. Ever since we began the construction of the new rooms in our basement, it seems like we can't keep ahead of the dust in our house. Needless to say, Haley discovered this and says "You know what I like best about dust. It's just like snow." And then she proceeds to brush her own little blizzard off the armoire. -------- Hey, before we move on to the next couple of -isms, here's a small gallery of Haley, from our trip to Cumberland Gap (see our hiking post for part of our adventure). -------- Cameron was gone for a few days (he returned home yesterday). While he was gone Haley came up with some great plans. "We should move our house down the street, then he won't be able to find us." When we told her that probably wouldn't be possible, she came up with another solution. "OK. Maybe we should paint it a different color and then he won't know which one is ours." -------- Speaking of Cameron, as I mentioned before, he and Haley have a love/hate relationship. He loves to tease her and she loves to annoy him. Like siblings... Anyway, Cameron is always trying to get away from Haley, so we've had lots of talks about how his room is off limits to her unless he says otherwise. So she decided she needed to have a refuge of her own. Haley, being a visual person, decided to make sure her new "safe place" was clear to everyone. One day, she was quietly working on a little craft project. After a time, she brought her little craft over to Kelsee with a marker. She told Kelsee what to write on it, then went and hung it on her door. Here it is:

Yes, that's right. She traced her hand and cut it out. Can't really see what it says? How about now?

Gotta love that kid.

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