Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And then there were two...

1:50 pm. September 16, 2008. That date is now etched into my mental and emotional record, placed right below November 5, 1995. Tanya is gone. Just as I hoped, she passed peacefully. One moment she took a breath, and the next moment there was no more. Mom and Mike were standing on either side of her bed, holding her hand and her head, respectively, when it happened. I'm sure as time passes I understand why this moment was so long in coming, when it seemed as though everyone was prepared for this at least a week and a half ago. At least I feel in my heart as though she is in a better place, released from this mortal prison we call a body, and placed into the arms of my father and grandfather and other loved ones. I'll post additional details of viewing and funeral, etc as I get them. In the interim, those who wish to send flowers, please donate to the Huntingtons Disease Society of America instead. Because I'm such an accomodating guy, I've placed a link to their online donation page. Click below and help the cause. Please. For me, for my mom, and for my sister's kids. Thanks for all those who have loved and supported us through this process. https://www.hdsa.org/donations.html

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