Tuesday, January 05, 2010

All I Want For Christmas, a Haley-ism, and a BONUS Picture!

My wife casually tore into one of the gifts her parents gave her for Christmas. Chaos ensued around us as kids ran here and there, playing with new toys, and adults carried on a half dozen loud conversations. However, as Kelsee let out a loud gasp, the room grew quiet. Then she let out an excited series of shrieks and squeals. I was sitting behind her, so I peered over her shoulder to see what what had her in such a tizzy. The box, which usually held a new shirt or pair of pajamas, held one tiny item. That tiny item represents HIM, a man that constantly has my wife bubbling with joy. Now, HE sits on her bedside table. She gazes adoringly at his picture every night before she goes to sleep. And she sighs contentedly. When she wakes up and sees HIM, she giggles like a schoolgirl. By the way, written on the inside of the giftbox was a simple pickup line "You got me, babe!", as well as the promise of hours of his services. Now, you might think... ...What horrid parents! Giving their married daughter a MAN who was not her husband. ...Shame on Kelsee! I mean, goodness, she's married! ...Poor Jason, a victim of all this...this...debauchary. See, the thing is, HE's visited our home before. Often. Usually, while I was at work, he was in my house rendering his services in the family room and the bedroom. I'm ecstatic that he's visiting again, and hopefully, when he's done rendering his services in the kitchen, my wife will be satisfied. Who is this man? Rick, the carpenter, who will--finally--give my wife the kitchen she desires... ---- On another note, two days ago we were sitting around the table talking about Kelsee's birthday, which was yesterday. Kelsee jokingly lamented that she had only one more day before she was as old as me. Haley, the always sweet(??) daughter, went out of her way to comfort Kelsee. "You don't look old at all, Mommy. You don't have lots of ruffles like Dad!" Thanks, Haley. ----- Here's a picture to go along with the previous post about Haley's FHE lesson...

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