Monday, January 04, 2010

Haley and The Rebuke

The name of a new chapter book for older kids? Nope. The story of our Family Home Evening tonight? Yep. Haley was so excited to teach our Family Home Evening lesson tonight. She worked hard, cutting out paper footprints and writing things in them like "Help Mom", "Be Naughty", "Do Good", "Say Bad Words", etc. She taped them to the floor making a pathway to a picture of Jesus, which she taped on the table. The object was when you got to a footprint, you read it. If you did the good thing on the paper, you went forward. If you did the bad thing on the paper, you went backwards, and had to start over and pick a new route to the end. Haley made it in the fewest steps. Kelsee got hung up a couple of times (I won't say which obstacles stood in her way, largely because I enjoy sleeping in my bed). I had a really hard time getting past "Listens to bad music". Cameron just kind of gave up part way through. Then Haley told us if we want to get back to Jesus, we need to be clean and pure. Ouch. Thoroughly rebuked by a seven-year-old! Seriously, though. What a wonderful kid, and what a clever activity! She's growing so much in her faith and understanding of right and wrong. She's a great example to me. I feel ashamed that I'm not a better example for her. Time to work harder!!!