Monday, March 03, 2008

Just Like Robert Redford

So, let me set the stage. We're at the MSU game on Saturday. Haley's thirsty, so she and I head down to the concession stand. Zach (almost three) decides to tag along. No problem going down. However, heading back up the stairs with two drinks, a two year old, and a five year old with balance issues could be a problem. Haley has to hold on, so I carry the drinks, while Haley holds the railing and Zach's hand. Zach, who is much more steady on the stairs than Haley, is practically pulling Haley up the stairs. Haley, looking a little anxious, says, "Wow, Zachy. You are a natural at climbing the stairs." -------- The other day, Kory (or Uncle Stinky as Haley calls him) was coming over. He always wants to play around with the keyboard (musical, not computer). When Haley learns he's coming over, she says, "We need to hide the kapiano." Hularious (another Haley-ism).

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