Thursday, April 24, 2008


Cameron and Haley have a love-hate relationship. They say they can't stand to be around each other, but then they don't leave each other alone. Haley pesters Cameron and Cameron teases Haley. The story I'm about to tell comes to me from Kelsee's lips. Any similarities to real persons and/or experiences is completely intentional. The other day* Cameron had been doing his typical teasing of Haley and her friend Alyssa. Often Cameron's teasing consists of jumping out and scaring them. Anyway, Haley and Alyssa are in the backyard playing. Cameron in the basement with his music blaring. Kelsee comes out of the laundry room and notices Cameron is standing at the back door staged to jerk it open and scare the girls when they walk by. Kelsee quietly tiptoes up behind him (hey, who knew that a teenagers loud music would actually benefit someone else in the house?). At the moment he prepares to open the door, Kelsee strikes, screaming a horrific shriek. Cameron jerks, lets out a terrified scream, turns and collapses backward on his butt (while still screaming). Kelsee goes into fits of uncontrollable laughter as Cameron tries to regain his composure. "Shut up. Shut up, that wasn't funny!" Sure it isn't, Cameron. Kelsee calls me and leaves a message, laughing so hard I can barely make out the story. So then I call Cameron and channel my inner Bill Cosby. "Hey, Cameron." "Hey." "Kelsee called me a bit ago. Um, is your underwear clean?" "Huh?" "You know, because first you say it, then you do it." "Shut up, Jason. That's not funny." Sure it isn't, Cameron. I'm sure it isn't. --------- *This symbol denotes that this phrase is one of the best of the English language. With it, we can tell stories and we don't have to remember the day it occured. Works for any time in the past, be it days, years, decades, centuries or millenia ago. Also works great when having an argument with your spouse. "You always do that!" "When do I do that? You tell me the last time I did that?" "Just the other day..." "Whatever." The only problem is it allows your spouse to conjure up offending things you did 10 years ago and treat it with the same weight as some offending thing they may have done an hour ago, as if they are only getting even. -------- Speaking of Cameron, he has a MySpace page. Here's the link. His profile is private, so you can only see minimal stuff. But there it is all the same. He keeps pining for me to find the memory chip for the camera so he can take better pictures. I'm sure I'll get around to it, just like I got around to fixing his Playstation.

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