Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Puff, my God, I'm draggin'"

I need to blog this. It's only fitting that I do it. Kelsee and I had the opportunity to go with Kelsee's parents to a play. When her mother called and Kelsee asked me if I was interested, I accepted before really comprehending what the play was. Have you ever known someone who went through menopause? Well, I mean obviously we've all known someone who was, but did you know they were going through it at the time? OK. Then you can relate to "Menopause, the Musical". For those not in the know, this play is basically four women from varying origins going through menopause at the same time who meet up at a department store in New York City. They spend the play lamenting "the change of life" through witty interactions and lots of songs. You will probably be familiar with most of the tunes, as they are classics with different lyrics (as evidenced by the title of my post). Contrary to what some may think, I was actually excited to see the play. I read about it and it sounded good. Some folks mentioned that it was somewhat rique (whatever) and that there was one scene that might be outright embarassing to a guy (it wasn't). When we arrived, it became quickly apparent that I might be one of the youngest guys in attendance. Granted, it's not like I stood up and asked every guy their ages, but there were very few men who didn't show the signs of age. And while the guys were clearly outnumbered, there were plenty in attendance. Anyway, I have never attended a play or movie where the crowd--me included--laughed so hysterically so consistently. First off, the play was hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. However, what was even more funny was watching so many women, many of whom were weeeeelllll past the change, laughing so hard that they were keeling over, slapping each other on backs and just various other outward responses to humor. I had more than one fleeting moment where I wondered how many heart attacks the play has produced over the years. I was a little alarmed that I found one of the women in the play to be fairly attractive. I mean, I'm young and she's old. It then dawned on me. I'm not that young. And she wasn't that old. Which means I'm closer in age to women going through the change than I am to women who will get to vote for the first time this year. Anway, a very entertaining hour and a half. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to just laugh.

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Kris and Kally said...

Mom loved it too! I'm jealous! Next time Kris and I want to go!