Monday, March 03, 2008

Curious Georgia

If you don't want to read even more about our obsession, errr, child, then please skip this blog... So, Haley has been curious pretty much since the day she was born. She's always asking questions about stuff - sometimes crazy stuff. She has an astounding memory and remembers seemingly everything she hears. I've been calling her Curious Georgia for years. The other day we asked her what she learned in Primary class (children's church program). She said "everything". Not feeling like that was a good enough answer I asked if she learned about Jesus or Heavenly Father. "Sure" she replies. Feeling a bit frustrated by the poor communication, I decided to tease Haley a bit. I asked her if she learned about Super Novas, the differences between communism and socialism, etc. In response to every question we asked, our sassy lassie said "Yep!" and giggled. Then Jason asked if she learned about the hidden agenda of Karl Marx. Or possibly the hidden agenda of Groucho Marx. I piped in with a question about Richard Marx and soon the adults were laughing pretty hard. Haley just gave us her typical disgusted look. Tired of teasing her, we went on to discuss something else. A few minutes later Haley said, "Uh, by the way guys, what do all of those words mean anyway?" She was serious. Curious Georgia. Jason and I just might not be smart enough to raise this funny kid.

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