Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Musings...

Time for some random musings, as I'm sure everyone is anxious for... - Teenagers are moody, obstinate and vague. Most every teenager I know is this way: Cameron, Amber, most of the youth at church... - Haley acts like a teenager, and she's five. - I pulled something in my back that's not supposed to be pulled. I was scrubbing old glue off our bathroom floor (we pulled up the linoleum) on Friday and could hardly move until Tuesday. Kelsee says it happened because I was so unfeeling and demanding when she went through all her back troubles. She was joking. I think. - The doctor prescribed a muscle relaxer (Flexeril) and prescription strength Ibuprofen. Now, let me just say that I can take one Ibuprofen and stem an awful headache; a small amount of medicine reacts powerfully on me. Anyway, I took one of each on Monday night before bed, and then one more of each on Tuesday morning. Apparently Flexeril relaxes ALL the muscles, including the tongue and lips. On my way to work, I feel asleep behind the wheel while waiting the 10 seconds it took for a bus to cross train tracks. The guy behind me tested his horn. It worked. By mid-morning, my speech sounded like this: "Hmm per mphr mmorph rubur flurwd!" That phrase can be interpreted as: "I've fallen and I can't get up!" In addition, I learned that the brain is a muscle and that eyelids in the relaxed state are closed. Both refused to work by lunch. So now I can not only empathize with Kelsee, but I can empathize with anyone who's ever been in a coma. - We are destined never to finish a house project. I thought it was just me and Kelsee, but apparently not. Cameron has lost his painting momentum, too. My goal is to finish all the painting of his room and have him sleeping in there by the end of his spring break (the first weekend in April). Of course my initial goal was several weeks ago, and every weekend since then. If there was really such a thing as a parallel universe, ours would include us actually completing a project. - Speaking of parallel universes, Haley has me playing barbies with her now. It's OK. I'm secure in my manhood. I will keep telling myself that. - Speaking of manhood, I like the newer Hollywood version of "Pride & Prejudice" better than the BBC miniseries version, though I'm glad I watched the latter. Filled in a few holes. Dare I say that the former might be one of my top ten movies, which includes, in no particular order: From Russia, With Love Casino Royale (2006) LOTR trilogy (consider it an epic miniseries) A Few Good Men Glory National Treasure Pride & Prejudice (2005) Dead Poets Society Cool Runnings Miracle The Mummy (1999) OK, that's 11, but who's counting? And only one "chick flick". I'm still good.

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