Friday, March 14, 2008

The great (never-ending) home remodel

Will someone please remind me not to buy a fixer-upper again? When I start talking about how cute and charming it is, stage an intervention.
We are making progress. It's slow progress. The basement is almost finished, thanks to the professionals that actually know what they are doing. We should be painting tomorrow. On the finished side we will have a bedroom (for Cameron) and a playroom (couch, toys, TV) for the kiddos (I'm sure Cam will love the name of that room). The other side will remain unfinished with a large storage area and a laundry room.
When we bought the house, it was sold with a partially finished basement. That was kind of a joke. Paneling (even on the ceiling), one yucky light fixture and nasty old carpet was the "finish". To make it more liveable while we worked on other parts of the house we pulled up the old carpet and replaced it with new Berber. Eventually we painted the walls and added a fun new track light fixture. Then the basement flooded. Up came the carpet and out went the furniture (two stories up).
Here are some pictures early in the life of the basement:

Here it is with the demolition complete:

And here it is with the bedroom framed and drywall up with the first mudding completed.

I can't wait to post the "after" pictures!


Shelah said...

looks great, Kelsee!! I grew up in a very charming fixer-upper, and I think the work cured my parents of ever trying anything ambitious with their homes. They've lived in relatively new ones ever since! I still want to try to live in a charming older home, as long as I can pay someone else to fix it up for me!

The Mathews Four said...

Ditto Shelah! I've joked in the past that a lot of dh's blood, sweat, and my tears went into our last little fixer upper! There really is something about those old homes that I love. You guys have done so much work on yours! Great job! Thanks for the before and afters!

Dyan said...

Interesting to know.