Wednesday, June 04, 2008

OK, That Was Random...

The title of this post is one of Cameron's sayings, but it seems fitting in this case... The other day, Haley, Kelsee and baby Haleigh were outside. Haleigh (who is older than one year and younger than two) was repeating everything Haley said. You know how little kids are, just thrilled with the newfound skill of forming real people words. Anyway, I guess Haley finally got tired of it. Haley: "Baby Haleigh, why do you always have to compete after me?" Kelsee: "You mean "repeat after me"." Haley, rolling her eyes and sighing: "Haleigh, why do you always have to copy me?" ----------- Speaking of Cameron, I find infatuation of him by the feminine gender to be wildly funny. As I've mentioned before (or maybe I haven't mentioned it before, but since I'm not going to reread my posts, just trust me on this), he's got a girlfriend and waiting list is the position is ever vacated. I know of four girls close to his age who have placed themselves on this list. Oh, and two that are a little younger. Haley's friend Alyssa (who's six) gives Cameron gifts. And the other day, I was reminded that Kennedy (who's four) has become enamored with Cameron. We were at the Watsons' to celebrate Mom Kappes's birthday. Bunches of people were sitting outside, but Kennedy was only interested in getting Cameron's attention. "Cameron, look at me!" she says and then eats the leaves off a shrub. "Cameron, watch what I can do!" she shrieks and then proceeds to jump in a mud puddle. Kris said that Cameron might be on his way to replacing Troy (from High School Musical) as her most talked about boy. Well, duh. Troy never comes over to visit. Anyway, it's wildly funny because he's a riot to tease. --------------- I was going to tell a story about me, but it's completely escaped me. Lucky story. -------------- Changed up my playlist a little. Added some of The White Stripes (thanks, Jared): Icky Thump and Seven Nation Army Dropped some of the songs by the ladies (Avril and Nelly) Added more Megadeth: Trust and Burnt Ice Added Led Zeppelin: Immigrant Song and Black Dog Added some more grunge: Alice In Chains (Man in the Box) and Soundgarden (Spoonman) Even added some German metal: Amerika by Rammstein -------------- Just once I'd like to have a presidential election where I liked someone. ------------- Bird-Magic! Celtics-Lakers! NBA Finals on NBC! ------------- Speaking of sports, other than those associated with the other horses, is there another person on the planet who doesn't want Big Brown to win the Belmont? (By the way, Kentucky's state song is better than Maryland's and New York's.)

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