Monday, June 30, 2008

The Cookie Monster

The other day, everyone wanted chocolate cookies, so I decided to take the initiative and throw a batch together. I pulled out the mixer and all the ingredients, grabbed the Tollhouse recipe from Kelsee's recipe box and went crazy. Anyone who would have stepped into the kitchen would have realized how lost I really was, but everyone wisely kept their distance. Anyway, after a whirlwind effort, and spooned some globs of dough on a cookie sheet and baked away. Ten minutes or so later, I pulled hot cookies from the oven. I examine discs. They looked like cookies. They smelled like cookies. But how would they taste. I bit into one. Hmmm... not bad. Still I'll let the fam do the tasting. Kelsee was reading a book in bed, so I took her a couple, complete with a glass of milk (yes, I am the perfect husband). She commenced to tell me that were probably even better than my mom's (which is quite a compliment; my mom makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever, in our eyes). Cameron snuck a few while I was upstairs, and told Kelsee they might have been the best he ever had. Haley just ate hers without breathing, which is a compliment, I guess. Apparently, they all felt like I could add these to my short list of culinary masterpieces, which also includes grilled cheese sandwiches (affectionately referred to in our home as cheese toasties), tuna fish sandwiches, fried eggs and toast. So, not that I have this newly discovered talent, Kelsee decided to go for broke and have me make some more over the weekend. Let's just say that lightening rarely strikes twice in the same spot. These cookies were OK, but nothing to write home about. Still that didn't seem to stop Haley from enjoying them to the fullest:

Speaking of messy kids, Haley's cousin Blake celebrated his first birthday yesterday. He seemed to enjoy the cake...

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