Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday! -- A Haley-ism

Haley and I were sitting in the van outside Kelsee's parents house on Friday night. We had just spent the evening with her family and now were waiting for Kelsee to come out so we could go home. Somehow we got on the topic of birthdays and I mentioned to Haley that mine was coming up soon. The following conversation took place... Haley: You should have a High School Musical cake, Daddy. A Gabriella/Chad cake. Me: No, thanks. You might like a High School Musical cake, but not me. Haley: But you like Gabriella and Chad. Me: No, you like Gabriella and Chad. Haley: Maybe you could have a Dinosaur/Chad cake. Me, laughing: Um, no thanks. Haley: What, too Dinosaury? Me: Not really. Haley: Too Chady? Me: I'm just not interested in that. Haley: Well, what kind do want, Daddy? Me: Probably just chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. Haley, after a second's hesitation: Excellent choice, Daddy. Thanks, kiddo.

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Kris and Kally said...

She's a cutie! A smart little cutie! Check out the fly picture of you on our blog!