Thursday, June 12, 2008

Things I Love...

So, a quick Haley-ism. We were outside weeding the garden on Tuesday (something I'd not done since we planted it quite a while ago). Anyway, Kelsee was on the phone in the house working on something, Cameron and I were working hard, and Haley was trying her darndest to provide value to our weeding effort. However, it was dirty, hot work and we came face to face with quite a few bugs: ants, spiders, earwigs, rolly-pollies (such a manly phrase; still, "woodlice" is just creepy) and other creepy crawlies. Soon the mosquitoes decided to join the fracas. I was pretty oblivious to them, and Cameron seemed to be ignoring them. But Haley was getting increasingly frustrated with them. Finally, at one point she sighed and said: "I must just be a nabitat for the bugs." I tried not to laugh. "Do you mean habitat?" "Yeah. I must be a habitat for them." What a kid. -------------------- Speaking of my kid and working in my yard, they are just two of a list of many things I love.

Here is a sampling of this list:

  • Kelsee
  • Haley
  • Cameron
  • All my other family. Yes, all of them, as hard as that is to believe
  • Working in my yard -- planting, weeding, mulching, pruning, watering, enjoying...
  • Music -- everything from the hymns we sing in church to hardcore metal to classical to bluegrass to old school rap -- music just gets into my soul
  • Laughing -- Funny movies, funny books, funny jokes, funny conversations, funny-looking people, funny laughs -- they all make me laugh, which means that if I could see and hear myself, I'd laugh some more, which would start a vicious, unending cycle... (Get it... I'm funny-looking and have a funny laugh, which means, you know, that I would laugh at myself...oh never mind...)
  • Food
  • Shows about Food
  • Jokes about Food
  • Pictures of Food (notice the theme)
  • Sports
  • Ignoring my cell phone
  • Embarassing Cameron
  • Mythbusters -- Did you know you can accidently make a bomb out of your water heater? And, no, drinking Diet Coke and eating Mentos at the same time will NOT kill you.
  • Thinking about traveling -- A year or two ago and this one would have just been "Traveling", but I can't afford the gas anymore.
  • Reading -- Speaking of which, one of my favorite books is "An Incomplete Education". Awesome.

That's it. I have no other loves.

I'm kidding, of course. But I'm pretty sure know one else cares, so I'll spare everyone the complete list.

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